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Music I listen to

Oh I love to hear music! A life without music is impossible for me!
I like to listen a lot of metal, gothic, dark age and little bit of industrial. A few of my favorites bands are Evenescence, Placebo, After Forever and of course a lot of german bands like In Extremo.

Interesting facts about me

Hey their!
My name is Jana and I´m from germany. I live in the city Dresden and it´s there in Saxon Switzerland. I know that my englisch isn´t really good, but my schoolenglish wasn´t never great. So I do give my best!
Well..., I´m a aquarius girl and will be twenty-one in february. Than I will be in the second academic year of geriatric nurse.
And of course I love to watch Moonlight. I can see it at the german tv
since june.
So, I think it´s enough for the first time...

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    Hi Jana!! So glad you made it over here! Yep the chat is tonight at 8:00pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time)... hope to see you there!

    Kel :)
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